Kompa is an engineering company

specialising in cutting-edge electronic

and power electronic devices.


Do you need best-in-class electronics or power electronics expertise?
Good, that’s what we provide.

Customers from various industries build special purpose machines, means of transportation, production lines and turn other novel concepts into real designs. Quite often they realise that off-the-shelf electronic and power electronic devices simply can’t meet their needs. That’s when we came into play, with our world-class engineers, experience and know-how.

We also often cooperate with other electronics companies to expedite their R&D efforts. World-wide customer base and clients from the most demanding industries are a proof of our professionalism and reliability. Our active participation in the scientific community helps with ensuring that we are always on the forefront of innovation. read more


Power electronics

Products & services

Development of electronic devices is not a part of your business model and you can’t afford failure or delays? Leave it to experts. Our offer covers designing, prototyping, testing, documentation, certification, small-scale production and industrial implementation of the fully operational products.

We often work with other electronics companies, including multinational corporations. These typically have their own production lines. In such cases we usually sell intellectual property rights to our bespoke designs, created to meet a specific need of the customer. Often our designs are a vital part of the overall solution.

R&D highlights: RF & FPGA

Recently our R&D deparment is focused on solving RF problems through advanced FPGA signal processing. For this purpose we have developed a versatile rapid prototyping platform. See the link below for details. Read more...

Global Reputation

Working with established multinational companies and start-ups, we have built relationships and established the reputation for success from Silicon Valley, through the technical powerhouse of Germany, to innovation leaders from Japan, South Korea and China. Customers all around the world have trusted us to bring them solutions that strengthen their leading position.

Our Mission

  • Develop products that enable customers’ commercial success.
  • Always be on the forefront of innovation to deliver state-of-the art solutions.
  • Make Kompa synonymous with quality and reliability.
  • Always use best-in-class components.
  • Keep to the timelines.
  • Ensure certification and compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.
  • Always listen to and support our customers.