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Outsourcing of projects to KOMPA not only reduces risk on your side, but also helps with ensuring resource optimisation. Common challenges faced during the development of new products, such as designing, prototyping, standards compliance, testing (functional, safety, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental immunity, etc.), cost optimization are business as usual for us. You only need to specify what you need, although we can also help with that.

We work with the most demanding industries and technologies. Our references include:
• Train transportation, communication of the safety critical devices, passenger infotainment systems
• Radio frequency power supplies and impedance matching controllers for the plasma processing systems in the semiconductor production industry
• FPGA based digital signal processing and control in various industrial applications
• High-power electronic converters for electrical machines, high-voltage systems, battery energy storage and renewable energy generators
• Internet of Things (IoT) systems
• Drone flight controllers
• and many more.

If you do not have an engineering team, leave the design to professionals. If you have such a team, consider if outsourcing some projects or project parts would not save your time and money, especially if your team has limited experience in the specific technology.

Development of electronic devices is not a part of your business model and you can’t afford failure or delays? Leave it to experts. Our offer covers designing, prototyping, testing, documentation, certification, small-scale production and industrial implementation of the fully operational products.

We often work with other electronics companies, including multinational corporations. These typically have their own production lines. In such cases we usually sell intellectual property rights to our bespoke designs, created to meet a specific need of the customer. Often our designs are a vital part of the overall solution.