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Power electronic converters

In our power electronic designs we always apply the latest technologies. Among others we use gallium nitride and silicon carbide power semiconductors. Thus our converters achieve the highest efficiency that is currently possible. This translates into small sizes and reduced cooling requirements. We developed multiple special-purpose GaN and SiC power transistor drivers, both for high-power and high-frequency applications.

We can deliver complete power electronic converters, such as:

  • Converters for high-power electrical machines (also non-typical, such as reluctance motors),
  • Precise high voltage supplies,
  • High-power battery system converters,
  • Power converters for renewable energy generators,
  • High-efficiency resonant converters
  • Transformers and inductors for high-frequency, high-power converters (also for high-voltage applications)
  • Thyristor converters

Power Electronic Converters