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Project Management & Product Development

Structured approach and skillful project management are key to successful product development. Over the years we not only mastered this craft but also developed a vast library of customizable software & hardware components. This gives us a competitive edge both in terms of time-to-market and cost, without compromising on quality (which is against our values).

Amongst other our product development process includes:

  • Definition of required functionalities and operating parameters (including environmental).
  • Extensive mathematical calculations and computer simulation at the outset.
  • Electronic components de-rating and materials’ lifetime evaluation.
  • Production and maintenance cost management, BOM optimisation.
  • Prototyping, laboratory testing and stress testing / breaking point testing.
  • Heat transfer measurement / thermal engineering.
  • Product certification.
  • Full documentation (functional, technical, installation, maintenance).
  • Evaluation of customer feedback and satisfaction.