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Internet of Things (IoT)

We have realised various remote monitoring and control systems utilising the public Internet accessed from the local Ethernet, WiFi, GSM or any other available network. Our integrated system solutions enable to connect devices installed anywhere in the world to the common information technology infrastructure.

Our company developed special purpose electronic devices for monitoring e.g.:

  • Operating conditions of mechanical components (temperatures, vibrations, etc.)
  • GPS position
  • Concentration of toxic and explosive gases
  • Heat and electrical energy meters
  • and many other.

We have also developed information technology infrastructures for these systems.

The main concern of using public networks is security. Therefore, it is our priority and we are proud of having the best networking security specialists in our team. We apply modern cryptographic techniques and networking security solutions, same as are used e.g. in electronic banking.

Where suitable, we use Cloud Computing (outsourcing of the information infrastructure, i.e. buying computing power as a service). Typical KOMPA IoT system has low utilisation of the computing power. Thus, Cloud Computing is more economically effective than maintenance of own hardware, since providers charge only for the actual computing power that was utilised. If you also want to forget about the maintenance of servers’ software, KOMPA will do it for you.